Homemade Ice Cream Cakes - 

Over the Top ice cream cakes offer a variety of ice cream, cake, frosting and flavor combinations.  A wide assortment of cakes are available for immediate purchase in-store.  Custom cakes orders are also welcome!  To order your cake, please follow the link below:

6" Round Cake 

Serving size:  6-8

$23.99 (plus tax)

3"  "Naked" Cakes 

Serving size:  1 ("Naked" cakes are not covered in frosting)

$3.99 each (plus tax)

Minimum of 4 cakes required for custom orders


For the Winter Season

2019 Opening Day - March 1st!


1/4 Sheet Cake 

Serving size:  16-24

$35.99 (plus tax)

8" Round Cake 

Serving size:  8-12

$28.99 (plus tax)

6" Heart Cake 

Serving size:  6-8

$23.99 (plus tax)